two children with backpacks walking to school with text "3 tips for a smooth morning routine with kids"

3 Morning Routine Tips

Getting out the door on time with kids each morning can be tough! Along our parenting journey, we have found three things that have been game changers…

picture of a boxer with a valentine "scratch off" activity. There are squares with prizes on a laminated sheet, then the squares are covered in peanut butter for the dog to lick off and reveal

Valentine for your Dog (or Cat!)

This is a super cute Valentine idea – it’s like a scratch-off lotto ticket, but your pup would lick to reveal their prize! My boxer, Benny, enjoyed…

Favorite Things 9.4.22

This post contains affiliate links.  I feature only items I genuinely love and want to share. Affiliate links are one of the ways this blog earns money….

photo of large frame over a couch. Words in the frame say "HEALTH FAMILY WEALTH WORLD"

Beautiful Vision Board

My husband and I wanted to create a vision board together that we could display in our home, so it couldn’t look like a magazine collage…

flat lay of a book with title "Text Book Love Story" on a marble table

Text Book Love Story

I’ll take you step-by-step through making a book of your own text book love story – a compilation of the digital love notes with your honey.