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Fun Weekend Stuff

Sunday Brunch

Coincidentally, we had brunch at Maryjane’s Coffee Shop (inside the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego) twice this weekend. Chris and I headed downtown with Joe on Saturday to grab breakfast and ended up at Maryjane’s Coffee Shop because they had open patio seating and yummy benedicts. (PS we witnessed the most hilarious (very drunk!) couple walking down the street after getting kicked out of a nearby bar – at 1pm!) We ended up back there on Sunday because the place we were meeting friends for brunch was closed at 10am and we were already downtown. It’s definitely a yummy place for breakfast. It can be loud and expensive, but their hash brown pototoes are soooo good.

If you look closely, you can see my Cinderella hair. I had a princess party right after brunch so I did my hair before we left. My princess party went really well… and the birthday girl was waaay cute. She was celebrating her third birthday and said something SO FUNNY to me… something NO birthday girl (or boy) has ever said…

birthday girl: where did you get your headband?
me: from my fairy god mother.
bg: what is on your neck?
me: it’s a necklace from my fairy god mother.
bg: where are your boobies?
me: so… uh… what balloon animal do you want?

Where do kids get this stuff?

LOL!!!! Omg, that is hilarious! I promise not to ask so many questions on my birthday ;P

What a fun part time job! I bet you hear the funniest things from those little girls all the time. I know it would have made my life to have a princess at my party when I was a little girl!


Thanks for the laugh! I laughed so hard my sides hurt!

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