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How to Cube Veggies (Part 2 – Carrots)

How to Chop Carrots

Spoiler alert: these steps are VERY similar to Part 1 – Potatoes 

These crummy pictures do not do the beautiful carrot cubes justice! But, they will give you the idea.

How to Chop Carrots - tip

First, a tip: look for square carrots (if you’re buying them individually). The carrots that come to a point are much harder to cut.

How to Chop Carrots - step 1

How to Chop Carrots - step 2

How to Chop Carrots - step 3

How to Chop Carrots - step 4

How to Chop Carrots - steps 5-6

How to Chop Carrots - step 7

How to Chop Carrots - step 8

I’ve been checking for part II of chopping veggies every day!!! That is so good to know how to cut carrots! And such a good tip on how to pick the carrots at the store. Thanks so much for sharing!

[...] This is a great recipe to practice chopping veggies! [...]

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