How to Fix a Torn Nail

Fix a Torn Nail

Boo to torn finger nails! It keeps getting caught and I’m afraid it’s going to tear… and nail glue isn’t enough. It’s a pretty quick fix though, and all you need is:

  • a pair of scissors
  • nail glue
  • a nail file
  • clear polish
  • and a teabag!

Fix a Torn Nail

  1. Remove all polish and start with a clean nail
  2. Cut a patch from the teabag and glue it over the tear
  3. Let the glue dry completely and file your nail smooth
  4. Apply a coat of clear polish

Just like new!

One thought on “How to Fix a Torn Nail

  1. Wow! That is genius!!! I am so going to try this next time. My nails are constantly breaking… Thanks so much for sharing!

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