Target Gift Card Winner!

My first giveaway

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Lynda M! Just for leaving a comment, she won a $50 gift card to Target (courtesy of my office). Lynda says she’s excited to use the gift card to organize her bedroom closet (do you think she might pick up one of these bad boys?). It’s a bummer she was only one item off on her guess for the number of Costco items stuffed in my super-organized laundry closet – but $50 ain’t too shabby.

Organized Laundry Closet

And just to show-off, here’s a list of all those Costco items (even the embarassing ones):

  1. 409
  2. Windex
  3. Pig Ears (for dogs)
  4. Toilet Paper
  5. Soap
  6. Conditioner (green bottle)
  7. Crystal Clear Cutlery
  8. Paper Plates
  9. Jumbo-sized Pepto-Bismol
  10. Tylenol
  11. Tide
  12. Dryer Sheets
  13. Bleach
  14. Softener
  15. Paper Towels

And while we can’t all be lucky enough to be Lynda, I think anyone can use the promo code from the coupon in Real Simple to get 20% off any Merona Clothing item! Just plug in the code before 7/15/10: MRNADSRS

Oh – and for the record, some folks innocently forgot their guess and posted two separate entries. So I compiled all the individual entries and used this method to pick a winner fair-and-square.

Thanks everyone – let’s do this again soon, ok?

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