Where I Work – part 3 of 3

Where I Work: part 3 - 1

Here’s my teeny tiny home office! That baby is a total of SIX square feet! Until recently, my computer/bill pay/filing center was crammed into minimal square footage out of necessity. But now I have an extra bedroom to maybe turn into a guest bedroom/office (just like Sherry and John!) one day. Until I’m hit over the head with inspiration though, my humble home office will stay just like this:

Where I Work: part 3 - 2

  1. My shelves (from Ikea) hold my printer, supplies, paper (“good paper” and “printer paper”), magazines and greeting cards.
  2. My desk (from The Container Store) has a work area that rolls out to hold a laptop computer. The cubbies hold envelopes, pens/pencils, checks, notepaper and stamps. I keep the stapler, tape dispenser and label maker on the top.
  3. My filing cabinet (from Staples) holds my files: house stuff on top and personal stuff on the bottom. I hate that fake plant, but I’ve had it forever and it seemed dishonest to remove it just for the picture.

So, there you have it. A little post for a little office.

Here’s another shot, to give you some perspective:

Where I Work: part 3 - 3

One thought on “Where I Work – part 3 of 3

  1. Very nice! I love the dark finish of the wood and the contrast of your organizing goods. It makes it look so professional and flows seemlessly from your work office to home!

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