Bringing Lunch to Work

Stylish Lunch

I don’t bring my lunch to work often enough to justify a pretty lunchbag, but I really want one! So, I’m going to make a deal with myself. If I can bring my lunch 3 times a week for the next month, I can get a pretty lunchbag. That’s only 12 lunches. I can handle packing 12 lunches (right?). But it will save me at least $60 over the course of that month, so then I could justify buying one (or two or three) of these:

  1. Eco Friendly Reusable Lunch Sack Bag
  2. Koko Insulated Lunch Tote ~ Jenn Funky Floral
  3. Insulated Lunch Purse – Black and Grey with a Band of Lemon Yellow
  4. Shinzi Katoh Double Deck Bento Box ~ Hungry Bee
  5. Set of 3 reusable snack bags
  6. Built NY Gourmet Getaway
  7. Take -a- Long Cutlery Wrap — Black and White Flower
  8. Lime and White Damask Lunch Bag Tote – Zippered closure

I will let you know how it goes!

3 thoughts on “Bringing Lunch to Work

  1. love, love, LOVE the Koko insulated lunch box. The drawstring is too adorable!

    I have the BYOB version of the NY Getaway bag, I get so many compliments on it. It is black with red, white, and pink polka dots 😉

    Bringing your lunch is super easy and so cost effective! Here are a few of my favorite tricks:

    1. If you like em’ leftovers from dinner the night before can be great, super easy, and filling. Just pack a separate container for your lunch when you clean up from making dinner. That way you can just grab and go in the am.

    2. Salads are super easy and fun, you can get very creative, just be sure to always include a protein (chicken, tuna, etc.) and fiber of some kind to help fill you up.

    3. Wraps in a tortilla for some reason are way easier and quicker to make than sandwiches.

    4. Canned or boxed soup is super easy and quick to throw into a screw top tupper-ware (so it doesn’t leak in your pretty lunch box)

    5. Hardy fruits that wont bruise easily are ideal for lunches.

    6. Last tip, try to keep extra napkins or plastic wear in your lunch box for those days you forget to pack your utensils (big bummer when that happens). I also keep extra tea bags and some crystal light packets to help for afternoon lulls when a nap seems much better than my work… 😉

    Sorry for the long comment, I love bringing my lunch… :-/

    Good luck!

  2. A girl on my train carries the Built NY one – it’s just as cute in person as online!

    Now I’m rather embarrassed by my dingy pink insulated number…guess I’ve got something else to add to the ol’ wishlist! 😀 Thanks for assembling such a great post!

  3. I buy square Glad storage containers (Buy two pkgs at once so the lids all match), fill them with casseroles, leftovers, etc. then freeze. After a few dinners I have a great assortment of choices. Best of all it takes only 30 seconds to pack. Its also healthier than a store bought frozen dinner, has real chicken not fake chicken parts, costs less and is always something I like to eat! If I choose to go out to lunch with friends at work that day it also wont spoil since its frozen. Love it!

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