Organization Inspiration: organized car

Organization Inspiration: organized car

One of my favorite things to do it organize every inch of my life – I just love it. Sometimes, after I organize something, I’ll just look at it. Like, for a long time.

I’ve decided to share some of my handier tips in a new segment here called Organization Inspiration. So, in this premiere edition of Organization Inspiration, I hope to show you some fun ways to tackle organizing your car.

1. It’s always good to have an umbrella in your car. My “car umbrella” ends up rotating quite a bit because I loan it out a lot.

2. I keep this project case filled with coloring books, crayons and markers under a seat for those times when I might take my neices and nephew to a restaurant.

3.  A cute notebook is always a good thing to have in the car.

4. Little zipper cases are great for cars. Whenever my make-up has about a 1/4 left (foundation, mascara, blush, eye shadow), I usually retire it to my car or office drawer (that way, I never need to resort to using anything but the “best stuff”).

5.  My favorite part of my organized car: these black storage boxes from the Container Store. There are a few reasons why I like these storage boxes, and I’m going to bullet them for you – these boxes:

  • are so easy to get stuff in and out of
  • hold a lot of stuff
  • don’t look like they belong on your garage (ie, they’re not plastic storage boxes)
  • are only $20 a piece!

6. Whenever I try to save a few bucks, I take my car through the drive-thru car washes instead of a hand wash. While I’m sitting in my car letting the automatic scrubbers do their thing (probably while I blast Bon Jovi), I use these wipes on my dash and console to make my car *look* like I went through a hand wash.

7.   My very best girlfriend, Laura, got me the most thoughtful birthday present a few years ago. It was a little case filled with stuff that I might need in a girl emergency (think nail files and hair ties – and stay tuned later this week for more information). That little case has saved my butt on a number of occasions, and it will always have a place in my car.

8. This fancy case might be a nicer container for my (real) emergency kit (the one my dad gave me – which has also save my butt on a number of occasions).

9. I like keeping collections in these mesh bags in the pockets behind my seats. I prefer the mesh bags because it looks nicer to keep everything in there, and I can grab everything easily if I need two. Specifically, I keep doggie bags, a portable water bowl and a frisbee in one mesh bag, and my sunblock, flipflops, and (ahem) tanning lotion in another mesh bag).  

 So, there you have it. I hope you were inspirated by some of my organization solutions. Check in later this week to see all these goodies in action!

Also, I’ll have the full breakdown of item #7 in a post later this week too!

5 thoughts on “Organization Inspiration: organized car

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  2. “…after I organize something, I’ll just look at it. Like, for a long time.” Classic! I do the same thing, and with such a sense of pride and accomplishment. I got a new shower organizer this weekend and could hardly wait to shower the next morning to see it “in action.” :)

  3. love it! having an organized car makes it so much sense, especially for when you have to carpool or take someone some place as an impromptu. you aren’t stuck apologizing for how messy you look. 😀

    great job!

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