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photo of large frame over a couch. Words in the frame say "HEALTH FAMILY WEALTH WORLD"

When my husband (then boyfriend) and I moved in together, he said he’d like for us to create a vision board together and put it up in our house. I thought it was a pretty cool idea… except, vision boards are usually pretty unattractive. So, I came up with this compromise and I’m sharing in case you’re looking for a vision board that doesn’t look like a magazine collage.

The premise for our vision board is that we picked four words to represent our goals, and then each letter would have a picture representing a part of that vision. They are intentionally in this order because we want to focus on our health and wellbeing first, family/friends second, building wealth third and then giving back (world).

I created it in InDesign by choosing a block font and outlining it, then dropping pictures into each letter. If you have InDesign and want to try it yourself, let me know if you’d like a full tutorial.

Otherwise, this would be a perfect gig for Fiverr!

How to Make a Beautiful Vision Board

Here is how I would suggest creating your own:

  1. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes, close your eyes and imagine the life you want. Try to imagine every part of it: what you eat, where you live, what you wear, who is there, the car you drive, the house where you live, how you spend your time. Think about it until the timer goes off, even if you think you’ve thought of everything you can… keep going. What do you look like? How do you feel? What accomplishments have you made? What are you working on?
  2. After the timer goes off, grab a pen and paper (or do it digitally in your notes app) and set another timer for 10-15 minutes. Write it all down. You don’t need to share this with anybody, so don’t worry about how it looks or what somebody else might think… just WRITE.
  3. Next, look over everything you wrote down. See if you can see any patterns or if you’re able to group together anything. Pick one to four words that represent your life vision and goals. Brainstorm images that together will make your vision board. For “HEALTH” we have balanced rocks to represent balance, and images of meditation, yoga, books (to represent learning), fruits and veggies (to represent a plant-based diet) and fit bodies. We picked images that represent the house and car we want, how we want to travel, and how we want to give back.
  4. Search for images for each letter. Thing about composition and how the images will fit in the letters. Try to find high resolution images without watermarks. Unsplash is a site for free images.
  5. Determine how you want to display your vision board. Framed in your house? Glued to the inside of your bullet journal? On your phone’s lock screen? Get the dimensions (I think it’s totally okay to have more than one!).
  6. Find a seller on Fiverr marketplace. Provide them with your specs (image size, digital or print, the words and the images you want for each letter). You can send them this page as a reference!
  7. Enjoy your vision board and start manifesting the life you want!

My husband and I have had this vision board in a large Ikea frame (it’s 30×40”!) by our dining table. We see it every day. Any time we’re talking about a major decision, we refer to our vision. We updated a few pictures last year, but, largely, our vision hasn’t changed. We’re creating our life and it’s an amazing feeling.

NOTHING would make me happier than seeing the vision boards you create. Please email me makeitblog or tag me on Instagram (@makeitblog). I might be tempted to send you a little something to thank you for making my day…

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picture of a large frame over a couch with the words "HEALTH FAMILY WEALTH WORLD" the text in the graphic says "Make a Vision Board to display in your home"
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