Favorite Things 9.4.22

This post contains affiliate links.  I feature only items I genuinely love and want to share. Affiliate links are one of the ways this blog earns money. Thank you for for supporting my business!

MAKE IT family

These are my absolute favorite goodie bag favors! They’re less than $1 each and people (kids and parents) still talk about them. Pair them with these so people can put them right up in their windows.

MAKE IT yummy

Have you ever used a meat spatula? I received one in a practical-gifts-only white elephant and was (honestly) so confused. Now, I can’t imagine making ground turkey without it! The package was confusing because it had a prime rib on it… that is not what this is for. Use it to break up ground turkey, chicken or beef to perfection. Also great for breaking up rice!

MAKE IT home

Having one of these around is a MUST if you get bit by mosquitos. I get instant relief and I’m so grateful for this quick fix so that I’m no longer scratching bites until they scab.


These sunglasses are so great. They have classic look, but freshened up. They go with everything and are less than $20!

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